December 10, 2007

Q&A:An Amazon customer requested I give them positive feedback. Can I do this?

Yes, you can do leave customer feedback but many sellers and buyers do not know about this feature on Amazon....and if an Amazon customer asks you for feedback, I'd say go right ahead.

However the reason may seem a little unnecessary since the biggest reason for leaving feedback on most online trading is non payment which is irrelevant on the Amazon site. Payments are processed automatically upon purchase and funds and credit cards are processed at Amazon's risk, not the sellers.

A good or bad rating therefore means little to sellers so it has not caught on in the Amazon marketplace. But customer feedback can prove very beneficial in one particular case and can be applied as a warning to future sellers without adding risk of bad retaliatory feedback to the present seller. I love what this bright anonymous poster added to Steve Webers blog:

"The reason that it could be useful, if used, at Amazon, is to find
buyers who are trying to cheat sellers by making false claims (my book did not show up, the post office damaged it, etc). Whenever a buyer receives a refund from me because a book did not arrive, I give them a five out of five (because I want to assume they are honest) and leave the comment "book did not arrive to this buyer; provided full refund from our store". If a seller were to ever go to this buyer's feedback page, they would see my feedback and maybe others if this buyer had a history of "missing books". This doesn't happen now because so few sellers or buyers know about the feature, but it could be useful if a few more sellers knew. "

So if a customer does ask you for feedback, which would be unlikely, but possible, go ahead. They may be new to Amazon and frequent shoppers on eBay and just assume that Amazon has the same system as eBay.

Go to your sellers account and then the sales page for that customer order and click on "leave customer feedback" Anything for good customer relations, it may help you in your quest for positive feedback as well. Every bit counts.

Janet, Jonathan and Graydon Langford

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