May 21, 2007

We Did it!


Our new, improved and complete website is up and on the web.

The spelling mistakes are fixed.

....and...and all our pictures are there!

...and... and ... it's all working. (Well except for our about us link. If you will forgive me for that one, I think I will pat myself on the back for the accomplishment anyway.)

In the internet world, you don't have to get it perfect. You just have to get it up there. And it is!

Check it out below and leave a comment on our blog if you will. You'll see the link to our blog on the newsletter page.

Now on to why I wrote in the first place.

Below is the link I promised all of you new booksellers a week or so ago. Michael and Julia Anna Schultz is a family with an incredible entrepreneurial vision. They have 11 children and they all contribute and completely support themselves through children's books sales on ebay! Their ebook is well worth the investment. Check it out here.

That may be all for now but I'll be in touch now that that this hurdle has been mastered. On with the newsletter I promised you all. I am really excited about sharing the 17 years of homeschool experience with you and the tips and tricks I have learned over the years of raising your kids with that entrepreneurial mindset so necessary for their future success.

Cheers! I'm going to celebrate and then get back to work.

Janet Langford