January 25, 2008

The Ideal Family Business

Having a book selling business on Amazon is a wonderful business, part time or full, and has many advantages but some drawbacks as well. Learning to be self motivated helps but the paycheck also acts as a very real motivation. (I love the direct correlation to this fact and my boys get to see first hand, "No worky-no payee!")

Working at home has many advantages such as:

We can set our own hours.

We can shop for our clothes at Goodwill if we want to. (no fancy clothes needed -PJ's work, too!)

We can check my orders at midnight or 6:00AM

We can drive more than a month on a tank of gas. (No daily commuting costs)

We can take off whenever we want. (Just put my listings on vacation setting)

If one or all of us are sick, we don't have to call any boss to say we're not coming in.

No staff problems (I actually love my "staff")

I love the perks-finding more great books at steal prices for our own home library

Working at home has challenges, too.

We have to discipline ourselves to work when we need to and to quit working when we are done. (both important)

If we mess up, we have no one to blame but ourselves. (teaches self government and personal responsibility

Sometimes you tend to think you live at your job. It takes careful planning to not feel that way. See previous post on the "hidden business"

Record keeping becomes is a necessary evil.

Other people don't understand that it's a real job. (If only they knew how much money we make!)

I feel very grateful that my boys and I can contribute in a very practical and real way to our family income AND my boys are learning business skills at the same time: Product sourcing, customer service, inventory, pricing and competition, record keeping, etc. Invaluable skills that we are PAID to learn!

It is the idea family business!!